well i’ve moved this blog over to my website, www.heidibuecking.com….everything in one spot now!  i will no longer be blogging here, all blog entries will be on the home page of my website.  i love the new logo + website courtesy of sumire design.  yes, there are a few things to complete and work out with the site but i thought what the heck, why wait?!  enjoy looking around and i look forward to seeing you there!  xo


owen wanted me to draw a person today and this fellow came off my pen.  he’s feeling smad (sad+mad=smad).   i think owen felt a bit smad today.  luckily i have my sister to help me out in those moments when i’m stuck as a parent. xo

what a magical day we had to celebrate owen’s 4th birthday!  the sun came out, we were surrounded by friends (and the next day family), we ate yummy food + cupcakes and then we went to the gymnastics gym where we had the place to ourselves to play.  the day was filled with joy and love and laughter and i am so grateful for the amazing people in our lives.  a really memorable occasion!  xo

i was at a mother blessing for a friend this weekend.  it was so sweet to be surrounded by these talented women, to laugh, to share our feelings, to support nicky.  and while we came together to bless nicky as she prepares to bring her third child into this world i think we all left feeling blessed, supported and accepted.  i am so grateful to be a part of this community.  thank you friends!  xo

owen is so fascinated with my friend nicky’s growing belly.  he just can’t get enough of touching it and looking at it and asking her all about it.  it’s so sweet.  and it’s so amazing the power of the pregnant belly, the life within and how people are drawn to it.  i am hopeful one day it will be my full round belly that loved ones are drawn too.  xo

sigh….. i haven’t been blogging and i feel so guilty!!  i am spending any time i have working on a new website which i’m very excited about.  everything will be in one place now:  my blog, portfolio, and link to etsy shop will all be living at heidibuecking.com very soon!  so here’s a sneak peak to keep you hanging in with me……

















here are some photos from another private session i had with heather.  we talked for an hour about the technical side of photography and then we hit the streets to shoot.  i think we are both learning alot and it’s such a great challenge to walk for an hour and find photos in everything and anything.  some topics we covered in this 2nd session: having objects in the foreground out of focus; shooting along a wall or other surface and placing the focus on the subject in the background; shooting through reflective surfaces; visualizing photos and trying to take it without looking through the viewfinder (i call this flow fotography); finding balance in a frame and finding the beauty in everything.  i see heather improving alot with just 2 sessions under her belt.  more importantly though, is how we feel when we jump in and practice the art of creativity, regardless of the results.  xo









i had the total pleasure of taking photos of this amazing family in pemberton last week.  they own the mt. currie coffee shop (best coffee shop around if you ask me!) and lisa is the big talent behind sumire design.  they are so much fun to be around, bad-ass in the mountains and mom and dad to adorable kai.  the best part about living in whistler is getting to know people like this ;0)























sometimes i can’t say what it is about a photo that i like, other than it just feels right.  ;D

i love organization!